Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great start into 2017!

Just a little drawing tutorial for today (it has nothing to do with the new year.. sorry):

A few days ago I watched some viedeos about hand lettering on youtube and due to the endless number of awesome quotes I have as pins on pinterest I thought I should give it a try!

To come up with a plan for a picture is actually quite easy.
Of course I first chose a quote, wrote it down and then I underlined what words are important.
Then I decided the arrangement of all the words and once I was also sure about that I choose a font for each word (or groups of words). I used only capital or just bigger letters for important words.
In the end I added some accents – the line with a word in the middle and the frame. There are a lot more, for example arrows, flags or flowers. It depends on personal preference how many you want to use. I like the quotes to be rather „plain“.
Once I had a plan I made a bigger scetch on squared paper – that´s the easiest way to get everything clean and even.


Then I copied the scetch on transparent paper. My trick to make sure all the words are exactly in the middle of the paper: draw a verticle line parting the paper in the middle, messure all the words/ word groups on your scetch and again mark the middle of each, when you copy it you just have to make sure that the lines on the scetch exacty cover the line on the transparent paper.
When you´re happy with the result choose a paper and copy everything.
I used pastell paper so that I could add further colorful accents.


Suprisingly, to make it look neat and clean costs some time and effort but I had a lot of fun! I did a second one and that´s not gonna be my last one either.



Shirt bleaching

Maybe you already read a blogpost about it or saw it somewhere: bleached clothes. Me and my sis tried it out on some cheap clothes and thats what this post is about!

To try it yourself you only need clothes, a cleaner with chlorine, a spray bottle and plastic bags. The cleaner has a really strong smell so you better do the bleaching outside.
Fill cleaner in the spray bottle and put a plastic bag inside your shirt (so that the cleaner will not transfer onto the back of the shirt). Then let your creativity run wild and spray the cleaner on the shirt!
Of course you can also use templates for patterns or crepe tape for letters like we did! Let everything dry overnight and don´t Forget to wash the clothes before you wear them!

I think it´s a very easy and cheap way to make unique and really cool clothes. Try it out, have fun and look amazing!

Steampunk Mini Top Hat

Hi there!

Some posts ago I talked about my awakened interest in steampunk and also posted some drawings of outfit ideas. Now I finally started crafting!
I decided to make a headpiece just because I never actually made one and I thought it would be fun. The hat doesn´t really belong to any of the outfits from my drawings and it ended up to look completely different than I hab imagined it. But over all I´m quite satisfied with it!

The hat is made out of two round boxes which I glued together. I used foam for everything else.
Then I painted it black, added some details with silver acrylic paint and glued down the little metal pieces. For everyone wondering what the hell these are: I think they are a part of buttons for pants, in any case I found them in my box for buttons and I think they look really good on steampunk accessory.
mini hat
I also made a real hole in the hat instead of just drawing the keyhole so I can place a lamp inside which looks really cool!

Inu x boku SS – Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Hello everyone!

Finally I came to upload the pictures of my Ririchiyo cosplay!
I took them some time ago, as always with my friend Chibusa-chan in the forest near my house.

DSC03312In forest was the the first time I ever had enough space for my 2m long naginata – yay!
Ririchiyo Yokai 5Ririchiyo shows her arrogant side…
DSC03344Like a warrior
Ririchiyo Yokai 7
Ririchiyo Yokai 9Ririchiyo never wears the mask on her head in the anime but I think it´s a waste to only have it wraped around the hips…
DSC03435My favorite picture from the shooting.

I also have some tutorials for the clothes I´m wearing in the pictures and my weapon, my naginata. There´s always a German and an English version of each tutorial (except from the naginata).
für den Rock: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/ririchiyo-shirakiin-rock/
for the skirt: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/ririchiyo-shirakiin-skirt/

für den Schal: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/ririchiyo-shirakiin-cosplay-tutorial-schal/
for the scarf: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/ririchiyo-shirakiin-cosplay-tutorial-scarf/

für die Schuhe: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/ririchiyo-shirakiin-schuhe/
for the shoes: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/ririchiyo-shirakiin-shoes/

für die Hörner: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/ririchiyo-shirakiin-horner/
for the horns: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/ririchiyo-shirakiin-horns/

für die Maske: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/ririchiyo-shirakiin-maske/
for the mask: https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/rririchiyo-shirakiin-mask/

für das Naginata (die Waffe): https://kunstkaleidoskop.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/ririchiyo-shirakiin-naginata/

Wow… this really reminds me of how much work this cosplay was… but I love the result and it was SO much fun to make!

Hope you like it too!

Casual Lolita Cape

Hey ho!

After my casual lolita skirt was done I still had fabric left so I decided to make a cape, too.

You need:
– 1 square meter fabric
– thread
– sewing machine
– 1m ribbon
– measuring tape and scissor

Draw a circle with a 50cm radius using the ribbon and a pen (knot the pen onto the ribbon so that it is 50cm long and use this construction like a compass). From the same centre and using the pen-ribbon construction draw another circle with a 10cm radius (inside the other circle).
Draw a straight line from the centre to the edge and draw another line so that both lines build a 90° angle.
The cape has to be shorter in the front. To achieve this shape you have to shorten it by 10cm at each 90° line.
Cut out the inner circle and cut along the outer circle and the 90° lines.

For the collar:
Measure around the inner circle from the first 90° line to the other. Cut out a rectangle of fabric which is as long as the measurement you took. Fold it in half, sew the side together and sew it onto the cape.

Then cut the ribbon into two and sew each part onto the sides of the collar.


Other variations:
To make the cape longer your outer circle has to have a bigger radius. You can also use other fasteners such as buttons, hooks or buckles (great for a steampunk lolita cape!). You could sew fake fur at the edge of the cape if you want to wear the cape during winter. Of couse you could also sew a hood onto the cape.

Casual Lolita-Projekt: Cape

Meine Casual Lolita Serie geht weiter, und zwar aus dem einfachen Grund, dass ich immer noch Stoff übrig habe… Eigentlich wollte ich den ja mit dem Rock endlich aufbrauchen, aber es war dann doch noch ein Quadratmeter, den ich nicht benutzt habe, über. Da der Stoff des Rockes ja ziemlich warmhält, dachte ich mir, nähe ich noch ein Cape, damit ich auch obenrum nicht frieren werde (jetzt wo der Sommer kommt…).

Das Cape ist wirklich sehr einfach zu nähen!
Ihr braucht:
– 1 Quadratmeter Stoff
– Garn
– Nähmaschine (per Hand geht auch)
– 1m Band
– Maßband und Stoffschere

Als erstes zeichnet ihr einen Kreis mit 10cm Radius auf euren Stoff. Dazu knotet ihr den Stift einfach an ein entsprechend langes Band und benutzt das ganze dann wie einen Zirkel. Mit der selben Methode macht ihr vom selben Mittelpunkt aus noch einen Kreis dessen Radius 50cm beträgt.
Dan zeichnet ihr vom Mittelpunkt bis zum Rand eine gerade Linie und daran noch eine Linie im 90° Winkel.
Das Cape soll vorne kürzer sein als hinten, deswegen kürze ich es in Höhe von 10cm an den beiden eben gezeichneten Linien.
Jetzt wird der innere Kreis ausgeschnitten und dann schneidet ihr entlang des äußeren Kreises und der zwei 90° Linien.

Für einen Kragen habe ich mit dem Maßband entlang des inneren Kreises von einer der 90° Linien bis zur anderen gemessen und dann ein Rechteck mit genau der Länge ausgeschnitten. Das habe ich dann längs in der Mitte gefaltet, zusammengenäht und an den inneren Kreis des Capes genäht.

Als Verschluss habe ich das Band geteilt und je eine Seite an die Kragenseiten genäht.

Man kann das Cape natürlich auch verlängern, indem man den Radius des äußeren Kreises verlängert. Andere Verschlussmöglichkeiten wie z.B. Knöpfe (ein großer oben oder eine Zweierreihe bis nach unten, etc.), Schnallen (ideal für ein Steampunk Lolita Cape) oder ein Häkchen oben sind selbstverständlich auch möglich. Wer ein Cape für die kältere Jahreszeit näht, kann auch Kunstpelz an den Rand nähen. Für ein Rotkäppchen-Cape kann man auch noch eine Kapuze annähen. Es gibt wirklich hunderte Variationsmöglichkeiten!

Hoffe, euch gefällt auch dieser Teil meiner Lolita-Serie! Dem wird wahrscheinlich noch was folgen, denn ich habe IMMER NOCH Stoff übrig…

Casual Lolita in one day?!

Yesterday I found a long forgotten fabric in my wardrobe that my sister once gave me and that I have never used. It´s a very soft and warm fabric (something for next autumn) and it has a very interesting color: my mum described it as fir green but I think it´s petrol blue. However, it was too nice to stay any longer in my wardrobe and it was a rainy day so I decided to turn the fabric into a one-day project: a Casual Lolita skirt!

Lolita is a fashion style inspired by victorian clothing for children and rococo or baroque dresses. As the name already says Casual Lolita is a more casual form of Lolita that you can wear like everyday clothes.

You need:
– fabric (something not stiff and good for drapes) (at least twice as long as your hip measurement)
– thread
– sewing machine
– zipper or snap fasteners (at least 3)
– scissor and measuring tape

I used a fabric that doesn´t fray. If this is not the case with your fabric you have to sew along all edges so the fabric won´t fray.

Casual Lolita IIFold along the red line, sew along the green line with highest stitch length

At first you want to sew the actual skirt. Take the piece of fabric (no 1 on the picture above) and with the highest stitch length possible at your sewing machine (in my case 5.0 instead of 2.5) sew along one of the long sides. Don´t sew up like you would normally do at the beginning of the seam. Then you can gather the fabric along the seam until it is as long as your waist measurement.

Next, take the piece no. 2 and pin it onto piece no 1 along the gathered side. The topsides of both fabrics should lay on top of each other. Sew along (with normal stitch length) a bit underneath the seam of piece no 1. It´s very important that you sew underneath the seam, this way you ensure that there won´t be a seam on the waistband.

Now you can wrap the fabric around your hips like a skirt and pin the two sides of it together up to the point where your zipper will end or up to 10cm under the waistband. Sew the sides together. Then sew the zipper or the snap fasteners onto the skirt.

Now you´ve got a cute skirt you could leave like this…

… or you go on and sew straps for your skirt like me!
First, take your measuring tape and measure how long your straps have to be. Then take piece no 3 and fold it in half (left side upwards). Sew along the long open side and fold the fabric hose so that the right side is outwards. Pin and then sew the straps onto the skirt.

With a nice blouse and a little bow out of remaining fabric this is a perfect Casual Lolita Outfit!

And if you´re not into Lolita you can always wear the skirt with a plain shirt!