Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great start into 2017!

Just a little drawing tutorial for today (it has nothing to do with the new year.. sorry):

A few days ago I watched some viedeos about hand lettering on youtube and due to the endless number of awesome quotes I have as pins on pinterest I thought I should give it a try!

To come up with a plan for a picture is actually quite easy.
Of course I first chose a quote, wrote it down and then I underlined what words are important.
Then I decided the arrangement of all the words and once I was also sure about that I choose a font for each word (or groups of words). I used only capital or just bigger letters for important words.
In the end I added some accents – the line with a word in the middle and the frame. There are a lot more, for example arrows, flags or flowers. It depends on personal preference how many you want to use. I like the quotes to be rather „plain“.
Once I had a plan I made a bigger scetch on squared paper – that´s the easiest way to get everything clean and even.


Then I copied the scetch on transparent paper. My trick to make sure all the words are exactly in the middle of the paper: draw a verticle line parting the paper in the middle, messure all the words/ word groups on your scetch and again mark the middle of each, when you copy it you just have to make sure that the lines on the scetch exacty cover the line on the transparent paper.
When you´re happy with the result choose a paper and copy everything.
I used pastell paper so that I could add further colorful accents.


Suprisingly, to make it look neat and clean costs some time and effort but I had a lot of fun! I did a second one and that´s not gonna be my last one either.