Bathtub photoshoot

Hey ho!

This year I became really motivated (and a little adventurous) when it comes to photoshoots!  Fortunately, my friend and photographer Tanja is quite fond of me and despite the fact that she regularly takes photos of models from agencies, she always finds time to meet me.

This time I had an exact image of what the photos should look like (which is very untypical of me). But that´s because I actually got inspired while looking for ideas for photoshoots on Pinterest and I found a lot of pictures from bathtub photoshoots. I fell in love immediately!!

Tanja liked the idea, too and luckily her bathroom was the perfect location, so we bought bath bombs and flowers and had a great, funny photoshoot:


We started with red bath bombs (only one or two, we didn´t want the water to look like blood…) and later we put blue ones in. The two colors mixing looks so magical and beautiful to me!



I look really relaxed in these pictures but actually it was soo exhausting! We were afraid the steam from the hot water could be a problem for the camera lens, that the photos could turn out foggy, so the water in the bathtub was cold!

At the end I was so cold that Tanja told me to take a hot shower. Then we found out that the heat and the steam don´t matter at all and I went through all the trouble for nothing…


I just love photoshoots that have to do with water and even though the water was cold this time I still had a lot of fun!

Hope you like the photos!