The Artist

Welcome to my blog!

I´m Kamisama, a 20-years old German girl.


The word Kamisama is Japanese and means God. You probably think it´s a bit narcissistic to call oneself God. Actually there´s a story behind it: One evening I was together with a friend of mine and she made me a compliment for something (I can´t remember). She wasn´t 100% serious so I answerd ironically: „Yeah, I´m just awesome. You should call me god, call me Kamisama!“.
To my surprise she went along with the play and said „At your service, Kamisama“. And that´s how I got my name.

This blog is parted in 3 subjects:

Since I can remember I always loved to do creative things! First, I started painting and drawing. I basically paint everything I can see around me and I like to share those artworks with you!

I grew up watching Anime and it accompanied me my whole life. Some time ago, I discovered cosplay (dressing up as characters from movies, Anime etc.). Since then my wardrobe became a lot more diversified and crazy!
Cosplay goes together with creative works such as sewing or doing handicraft, for which you can find tutorials on my blog.

To travel around the world is one of my main goals in life. I especially love the adventurous parts of my travels like hiking in the mountains or rafting in the jungle! And I hope you will accompany me on my journeys on this blog!

I write posts in German and English but since English is not my mother-tongue please don´t judge me too hard!

Greetings, Kamisama!


2 Antworten auf „The Artist

    1. Danke für das Lob und besonders natürlich für die Nominierung! Es freut mich, dass dir mein Blog gefällt. Nach so kurzer Zeit, die mein Blog erst existiert, schon so positives Feedback zu bekommen ist einfach toll!
      Danke und liebe Grüße zurück,

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