Car park/ Rhine photoshoot

Hey there!

I mainly blogged about my travel to Thailand the last weeks and I thought it´s time for something else (and something in English again)!
After my volunteer work (and curing my jetlag ;D) I phoned my photographer and asked for a photoshoot. Luckily she had a lot of time for me and we managed to meet for two photoshoots. Tanja (my photographer) moved to Cologne recently and it was great fun to go there (i´ve only been there once)!
First, we made photos in a car park. I already did that once and it´s just great for street style photos!

That photo has it´s own little story: since I first saw Rihannas music video to we found love, I always wanted to sit in a cart (shopping trolley) (I know, what a weired wish!). Then I saw one (belonging to nobody) in the car park and I was totally amazed and jumped in! Tanja loved how that looked so I now have a photo of me fulfilling my teenage dream!


The car park has such a great modern atmosphere to it with all the white walls!



Later, we changed the location because I really liked my last photoshoot in a lake and I wanted to do something with water again. So I went swimming in the Rhine!

The water was sooo cold but nevertheless it was worth the effort! I just love the more adventurous photoshootings!


My favorit photo:


Hope, you like it!




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