Berserk – Slan

Last month I watched the anime Berserk and since then I´m obsessed with it! I also watched the 3 films (2 times each), read the manga (over 250 chapters, it´s not finished yet) and of course started with the new anime. I´m really in love with the story (even though it´s so depressing and brutal) and I just HAD TO draw a character out of it. And after the eclipse (part of the story) I immediately knew who: Slan.
She´s not a main character but I just love the way she first appears in the eclipse!

I used this picture from pinterest as a reference but made some little changes. For example, I added those lines in her „hair“ so that it looks like cracked up soil and I drew her dark „demon eyes“. In the manga she is depicted with both, human eyes (with a small iris) and those „demon eyes“ (without a pupil).

P1020032I always make a scetch for the bigger (DIN A3) pictures.

P1020031Then I shaded the body and „hair“ and used an eraser to clean up all the edges.


I used pencils (H, B2) on pastel paper and tissues to blend.

Overall, I´m qite pleased with how it turned out. Even though there is something that bothers me about the anatomy but I´m not sure what exactly (maybe her head is a bit too big …?).

Hope you like it!


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