Naruto – Sasuke´s Amaterasu

Naruto is one of the animes that I would call a masterpiece (at least if you take out the fillers) and it has a special importance for me.
No other anime has been „by my side“ for so long – I started to watch it when I was in elementary school, when I was a teenager they stopped showing new episodes on TV and I also stopped watching it for a really long time. When I first went to conventions I saw all those Naruto cosplayers and that made me realise how much I missed the series. Finally, during my A levels I started to re-watch Naruto from the very first episode on. Now I´m 20 and I still watch it!

After this 10 years journey I thought the anime should be worth me sitting down, drawing a picture!
So I drew my favorit character which is Sasuke. I bet a lot of people don´t like him but I just can´t help myself! I love him since I was a kid SPOILER ALERT: even if he turns into a villain, even if he wants to destroy Konoha! I´m just like Naruto…



There´s a similar picture of Sasuke in the anime, I just colorized it different.
By the way: Amaterasu is a god in shintoism, it´s the goddess of the sun. All of the big sharingan attacks are named after shinto gods.
I know some gods of shintoism and I´m always excited about the next sharingan attack and who it´s named after!


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