Wheel of Life


On this blog I already talked about my two drawings Time and Time´s prisoner that deal with a similar subject and are like a project. Now I finished another artwork for this project.

It shows some circles with symbols between them and each row stands for things that are important for me in my life.



The last two rows are taken from the contract sign of the character Sebastian from my second favorit anime Black Butler. If you are a frequent reader of my blog you probably noticed that anime is a great passion of mine.

Next are the Fibonacci numbers. They are connected to the golden ratio which is a concept I think is really interesting. It´s a ratio that appears often in geometry and a lot of ancient mathematics studied it.
What I find most fascinating is that it also appears in a lot of patterns in nature and some people even said it´s like a signature that god put in his creation.
The ratio is also considered aestethically pleasing (it´s also called the golden proportion) and can be found in architecture and a lot of paintings.

The row after that contains symbols of my favorit band 30 seconds to mars (the circle with the four arrows (don´t know if it has a name…) and the glyphics).

The next rows are similar to the clock in my artwork TIME. I added the zodiac signs; for me they stand for personel traits, some people believe that there is a connection between ones personality and ones zodiac sign.

The innermost circle contains a compass rose which is a symbol for traveling. The last years I realised how much I love to travel and that a travel around the world is my lifetime dream.
A compass also shows the „right way“, for me it stands for finding ones way (in life.)

Right in the middle fo all the circles is ouroboros, the snake that bites its own tail. It´s a symbol with a lot of different meanings, it stands for cyclitality, eternal recreation of oneself (like the phoenix) or being at one with oneself.

I´m really happy with how the image in my head came to life but I have to admit that this kinda looks like the symbol or sign of some weird sect…
Either way, I hope you like it!


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