Hey minna-san!

I thought it was time again for an anime related artwork and luckily I´ve been working on one since last month. It´s a vocaloid fanart!
For everyone who´s not really into anime: Vocaloid is a program to create digital voices. It has different voices with a name and a real character and these characters are the vocaloids. It takes some time to get used to the digital sound of vocaloid but I think they´ve got some great songs!


I made a sketch for this artwork which is quite unusual for me. But I knew I would draw a lot of characters and I was unsure how they should look exactly. I didn´t thought I would have to make a sketch for the whole drawing so I started on a DIN A4 paper (not DIN A3 like the actual drawing). That was definitley a mistake…
I had to sketch the whole artwork so I sellotaped three papers together. And because that wasn´t chaotic enough already I took what I had to hand that moment: three different papers: copy paper, one for pastells and a lined sheet…
I used a pencil for the sketch but I was so irritated by the different layers of the characters clothing that I outlined everything with a fineliner, too.
To make it short: the sketch was a little catastrophe and I was really happy when I finished it!


I transferred it on a DIN A3 pastell paper and colored it in. Of course that also took some time but it was a lot easier than the sketching.
Here are a few close-ups of the characters. By the way, Gakupo is my favorit vocaloid that´s why he´s in the middle.





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