Time´s prisoner

Two whole months ago I posted my artwork TIME and wrote that I have two pictures for this theme. I never found the time to post the second picture and I thought I should definitely caught up on that.

The two pictures are very different from each other because I actually never planned them as a project. When I planned this picture I wanted to draw something lolita-ish (Lolita – japanese fashionstyle). The dress looks a bit like gothic lolita but only a little.
I also thought about baroque art and the themes time, death and transcience which played a big role in the era. That´s why I added the hourglass, the skull and the clock. You can find the hourglass and the clock in both pictures so they are also the link between them.
At that point the picture still looked a bit empty. I remembered the motif of the red thread that is part of a lot of anime related artwork and added it. One could interpret it as being time´s prisoner.

For this picture I used watercolour, acrylic paint and pastels (to shade around the edges).

Hope you like it!

time II


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