Recently I finished two new drawings and I thought it´s a good time for a new post about artwork.
Both drawings deal with the theme time but are really different from each other. I got the idea for the first drawing when I was in the netherlands some time ago. There was a TV spot showing a antique looking clock that inspired me. It looks kind of steampunk-ish because of the gear wheels, I really like that even though it wasn´t intentionally.


The hourglass on the right stands for my lifetime. It has two „fields“, the one at the top is filled with the Roman number MCMXCVI, which is the year I was born. So the field at the bottom is for my time of death and – naturally – its still empty (no, I´m not a ghost…).
The big clock belongs only to a part of my life (not my whole life like the hourglass). There are only five minutes left until 12 o´clock. In German that´s an idiom, it´s like the eleventh hour. On one side the clock tells me that it is high time to do something but it also has the lettering OMNIA TEMPUS HABENT written on it. That´s Latin and means something like for everything there is a season.
The clock has a little hole over the V where you can insert the key next to it to wind it up. For me, the key stands for the wish to change the time.


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