Halloween 2015


What did you do on halloween?
I met a friend and we watched some movies at home. Not really a big party but it was fun. And I got an „excuse“ to wear freaky make up.
At first I wanted to do something scary and thus some time ago I tried to paint on Kaneki Kens mask. Tokyo Ghoul is my third favorite anime and I love painting, so I was really excited!

I think it turned out well (considering the fact that this was my first try).
Well, my niece didn´t thought so… She is 2 years old and was reeeaally scared of me. I thought she wouldn´t mind because her parents have many tattoos and she isn´t afraid of me when I´m in normal cosplay.

So on halloween I decided to do something less shocking and cute:
P1010966A black cat with black clothes and selfmade cat ears and tail.

In fact, she was also totally sceared of this one. My nephew (they´re twins) didn´t have a problem with it. Every time my niece sees me now she asks: „Dati, paint?… off?“ („Kathi, did you take your make up off?“). I wonder how long I´ll have to tell her „Yes, don´t worry“?…

I hope you all had a great Halloween!


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