Shirt bleaching

Maybe you already read a blogpost about it or saw it somewhere: bleached clothes. Me and my sis tried it out on some cheap clothes and thats what this post is about!

To try it yourself you only need clothes, a cleaner with chlorine, a spray bottle and plastic bags. The cleaner has a really strong smell so you better do the bleaching outside.
Fill cleaner in the spray bottle and put a plastic bag inside your shirt (so that the cleaner will not transfer onto the back of the shirt). Then let your creativity run wild and spray the cleaner on the shirt!
Of course you can also use templates for patterns or crepe tape for letters like we did! Let everything dry overnight and don´t Forget to wash the clothes before you wear them!

I think it´s a very easy and cheap way to make unique and really cool clothes. Try it out, have fun and look amazing!


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