Steampunk Mini Top Hat

Hi there!

Some posts ago I talked about my awakened interest in steampunk and also posted some drawings of outfit ideas. Now I finally started crafting!
I decided to make a headpiece just because I never actually made one and I thought it would be fun. The hat doesn´t really belong to any of the outfits from my drawings and it ended up to look completely different than I hab imagined it. But over all I´m quite satisfied with it!

The hat is made out of two round boxes which I glued together. I used foam for everything else.
Then I painted it black, added some details with silver acrylic paint and glued down the little metal pieces. For everyone wondering what the hell these are: I think they are a part of buttons for pants, in any case I found them in my box for buttons and I think they look really good on steampunk accessory.
mini hat
I also made a real hole in the hat instead of just drawing the keyhole so I can place a lamp inside which looks really cool!


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