Casual Lolita Cape

Hey ho!

After my casual lolita skirt was done I still had fabric left so I decided to make a cape, too.

You need:
– 1 square meter fabric
– thread
– sewing machine
– 1m ribbon
– measuring tape and scissor

Draw a circle with a 50cm radius using the ribbon and a pen (knot the pen onto the ribbon so that it is 50cm long and use this construction like a compass). From the same centre and using the pen-ribbon construction draw another circle with a 10cm radius (inside the other circle).
Draw a straight line from the centre to the edge and draw another line so that both lines build a 90° angle.
The cape has to be shorter in the front. To achieve this shape you have to shorten it by 10cm at each 90° line.
Cut out the inner circle and cut along the outer circle and the 90° lines.

For the collar:
Measure around the inner circle from the first 90° line to the other. Cut out a rectangle of fabric which is as long as the measurement you took. Fold it in half, sew the side together and sew it onto the cape.

Then cut the ribbon into two and sew each part onto the sides of the collar.


Other variations:
To make the cape longer your outer circle has to have a bigger radius. You can also use other fasteners such as buttons, hooks or buckles (great for a steampunk lolita cape!). You could sew fake fur at the edge of the cape if you want to wear the cape during winter. Of couse you could also sew a hood onto the cape.


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