Casual Lolita in one day?!

Yesterday I found a long forgotten fabric in my wardrobe that my sister once gave me and that I have never used. It´s a very soft and warm fabric (something for next autumn) and it has a very interesting color: my mum described it as fir green but I think it´s petrol blue. However, it was too nice to stay any longer in my wardrobe and it was a rainy day so I decided to turn the fabric into a one-day project: a Casual Lolita skirt!

Lolita is a fashion style inspired by victorian clothing for children and rococo or baroque dresses. As the name already says Casual Lolita is a more casual form of Lolita that you can wear like everyday clothes.

You need:
– fabric (something not stiff and good for drapes) (at least twice as long as your hip measurement)
– thread
– sewing machine
– zipper or snap fasteners (at least 3)
– scissor and measuring tape

I used a fabric that doesn´t fray. If this is not the case with your fabric you have to sew along all edges so the fabric won´t fray.

Casual Lolita IIFold along the red line, sew along the green line with highest stitch length

At first you want to sew the actual skirt. Take the piece of fabric (no 1 on the picture above) and with the highest stitch length possible at your sewing machine (in my case 5.0 instead of 2.5) sew along one of the long sides. Don´t sew up like you would normally do at the beginning of the seam. Then you can gather the fabric along the seam until it is as long as your waist measurement.

Next, take the piece no. 2 and pin it onto piece no 1 along the gathered side. The topsides of both fabrics should lay on top of each other. Sew along (with normal stitch length) a bit underneath the seam of piece no 1. It´s very important that you sew underneath the seam, this way you ensure that there won´t be a seam on the waistband.

Now you can wrap the fabric around your hips like a skirt and pin the two sides of it together up to the point where your zipper will end or up to 10cm under the waistband. Sew the sides together. Then sew the zipper or the snap fasteners onto the skirt.

Now you´ve got a cute skirt you could leave like this…

… or you go on and sew straps for your skirt like me!
First, take your measuring tape and measure how long your straps have to be. Then take piece no 3 and fold it in half (left side upwards). Sew along the long open side and fold the fabric hose so that the right side is outwards. Pin and then sew the straps onto the skirt.

With a nice blouse and a little bow out of remaining fabric this is a perfect Casual Lolita Outfit!

And if you´re not into Lolita you can always wear the skirt with a plain shirt!


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