Ririchiyo Shirakiin – Horns

Hello minna-san!

This is the last one of my Ririchiyo tutorials!

You need:
– some sheets of newspaper
– kitchenfoil
– grey acrylic paint
– a headband
– universal adhesive or a hot glue gun
(optional)- plaster bindings and a bowl of warm water

At first you need to scrunch up the newspaper and roll it into the kitchenfoil.
P1010410The longer the coil gets the more newspaper you want to use.

P1010411When you´re satisfied with the result cut of the excess kitchenfoil.

P1010412Then screw the coil in as if you would wring out a towel.

P1010413Next you can bend it into the shape you want – for Ririrchiyo´s horns shape it like a semicircle.

P1010459Paint the horn grey thoroughly.

Glue the finished horns onto a black headband.
I used universal glue for this but I think it would be easier with a hot glue gun because the glue dries faster. I also wraped some plaster bindings around the horns and the headband because I wanted to be 100% sure that the horns would stick to the headband but it´s not really necessary.
P1010576P1010577This is the result! The horns were very easy to make yet they also look very nice!!



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