Rririchiyo Shirakiin – Mask

You need:
– cling film
– a bowl of warm water
– plaster bindings
– a saw
– newspaper and cardboard
– a scissor and glue
– structure paste
– black and grey(optional) acrylyc paint
– a gimlet
– a tearproof ribbon
– a nice person who´s willing to help you

At first I took a plaster cast of my face.
The plaster will make a lot of dirt so it´s best to do this step with an old blanket on the ground and while wearing old clothes. It´s also easier to cut the plaster binding before you get your hands wet.
Also you don´t want to use the plaster directly on your face. Instead of that put a piece of cling film over your face, with some dots of face cream it will hold perfectly. Naturally, don´t forget to make a hole where your nose is so that you can breath!!
Then leave the rest to your assistent. He or she has to make the pieces of plaster binding wet and put them onto your face. Stroke over the pieces so that everything holds well together and the plaster is really a cast of your face. Leave your nostrils open!
It´s up to you how much of the plaster bindings you want to use. My sister put the whole 3m binding onto my face and now my mask is so hard I´m sure it could even survive a next world war! So I wouldn´t recomment to use more!
The plaster dries quite fast but after taking it of I let it dry over night to be sure.
SDC13304SDC13307I have to admit even for me as a cosplayer this looks a bit scary!

Then with a picture of Ririchiyos mask as a template I drew some lines on the mask.

Because the demon has a narrow chin I also marked a part that I later sawed of.

Then I screwed up some sheets of newspaper and glued them onto the mask to shape the face (portruding cheeks and lips, puckered eyebrows).

I cut the ears and the horns out of cardboard, glued them onto the mask and again wraped sheets of newspaper around them. Then I covered them with a layer of plaster binding.

After this is dried, cover everything with structure paste to even out the surface.
Paint the eyes and the mouth black and if you want you can add some grey shadows. Cut two teeth out of cardboard and glue them in the mouth.

Then take the gimlet and drill a hole in the right and the left side of the mask. Put a piece of ribbon through each hole and knot it so that you could tie the mask around your head.



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