Ririchiyo Shirakiin – skirt

Hello minna-san!

My Ririchiyo-cosplay is nearly finished and therefore you get the tutorial for Ririchiyos skirt today!

You will need:
– red fabric (length: your waist measurement x2; breadth: your desired skirt length + ca 20cm)
– a zipper in the same Color (15cm)
– a scissor
– a sewing machine

At first, cut a rectangle out of the fabric. This rectangle has to be as long as your waist measurement x2. The height of your rectangle will be the length of your skirt. In my case that´s only 30cm (+ 1cm extra) because Ririchiyos skirt is also quite short.
Then turn down the 1cm extra fabric and sew along it. Next you have to change the stitch length on your sewing machine, I used the highest stitch length that´s possible with my machine, 5.0. I also used a higher thread tension. It´s best to try this out on a little piece of fabric. Now with this stitch sew along the upper side of the rectangle.
Now it´s possible to gather the fabric and in this way to make drapes. Just take the yarn of one side of the fabric and make a knot with it. When you hold the yarn from the other side of the fabric you can now easily shove the fabric along the seam. It´s up to you how many drapes you want for your skirt. It´s best to wrap the skirt around your hips to be sure how many drapes will look good.

Naturally, it´s possible that you shove the fabric together and it looks perfectly good – but it´s now much longer than your waist measurement. In this case just cut the unneeded fabric off with a scissor but pay attention that the seam doesn´t get lose at the end!

Then you need another rectangle from the fabric. This one has to be as long as your waist measurement +1cm extra and 9cm broad. This will be the waistband of your skirt. Fold the rectangle in the middle (horizontaly) and sew along one of the short sides and the open long side. Then urn the fabric inside out. Now one short side of the rectangle should be still open. Fold its ends inwards and sew this side, too.

Ririchiyo skirtFold the fabric along the green line, sew along the red lines (with a normal straight stitch), sew along the blue line (with higher stitch length and thread tension)

Pin the waistband onto the skirt and sew the two together.
Again, wrap the skirt around your hips, inside out, and pin the two ends of the skirt together. Then sew along the pins but leave the last 15cm up to the waistband open. Turn down and sew both sides of the vent.

After that take your zipper and pin it in the skirt behind the vent. Be sure to cover the zipper with the fabric as much as possible. Then sew along it.

Now you can wear your skirt and if everything fits well you can go on with the open sides of Ririchiyos skirt. For these I marked the outline of the holes on the fabric, took off the skirt and evened the lines out so that they were all equal. Then I cut out the holes, turned the sides down and sewed along them.

Ririchiyos skirt also has a little trapeze-shaped part in front of her stomach.
Because I wanted to sew it on the skirt seperately I was a little scared it wouldn´t really hold but bend down. So I took the fabric doubled.
For the trapeze you need a piece of fabric that is shaped like two trapezes, one above the other (a hexagon). Fold the hexagon in the middle. Sew along one of the short sides and the open long side, turn everything inside out, fold the ends of the last open side inwards and sew it. I sewed the trapeze on the skirt by hand.

Lastly, I sewed another ribbon similar to the waistband. The only difference is that this one is a longer so that I can wrap it around my waist and knot it in a bow.

Good luck!


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