Ririchiyo Shirakiin – shoes

The next part of my Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplay:
Most of the cosplayers just buy the shoes for Ririchiyo but I didn´t want to pay much money so I made them myself.
For this I used a plate of a material called styrodur (I think and I hope it´s the same as in German). It is used for insulation and can be compared to styrofoam. However, it is fine pored and much more stable than styrofoam. It is the perfect material for cosplay weapons or accessorys because it can be easily cut with a knife and is very light. Moreover, it is quite cheap: 8 euro for a plate (70cm x 140cm x 5cm).

The tutorial:
You will need:
– a piece of styrodur (5cm thick and big enough to place a pair of your shoes on it)
– a knife
– 60-grit and 220-grit sanding paper
– wallpaper paste
– black acrylic paint
– a screwdriver
– a red ribbon (70cm long)
– glue

Take one pair of shoes (e.g. sandals) and draw their outlines on the styrodur.

Then cut everything out with a knife. For this you need a sharp and long knife. A box knife for example is very sharp but it´s not long enough. I used a ceramic knife.
This is the most exhausting part in the whole process.

Wehn you cut everything out, go over it again to get the form that you want. I wanted the bottom part of the sandal to be smaler than the other side so I cut from the top diagonaly down to the bottom.

When your shoes have the form that you wanted then you can start with the sanding.
I used two different sanding papers: at first a 60-grit sandpaper to even out the surface and then a 220-grit sandpaper.

The surface of the shoes doesn´t need to be perfectly smooth but quite even. The last flaws will be smoothed away in the next step:
Now you want to put 2-3 layers of paste and newspaper pieces on the shoes. The paste needs half a day to a full day to dry.

Then paint everything – in Ririchiyos case – black. For this step I used black acrylic paint, two layers of it.

The last thing missing are the shoe straps.
The first thing you want to do is to drill a hole into your shoe with a screwdriver. Just stand on the shoes and make a mark between your big toe and the toe beside it. Hold your srewdriver vertically on the mark and carefully push it down.

Then part your ribbon in the middle. You need 35cm for each shoe. Fold the ribbon with the left side upwards. One side should be a little longer than the other. Now put some glue into the hole, twist the ribbon and thread it trough the hole.
The two ends of the ribbon should come out of the hole on the top. Take the short piece of the ribbon and glue it on to the sandal so that it will be later over your big toe. Do the same with the other piece of ribbon (but glue it on the other side).

Then cover the hole on the bottom and the ribbon on the top of the sandal with another layer of paste and pieces of newspaper.

The finished shoes!

As you may already imagined you canNot really walk with these shoes, they are only decoration for a fotoshooting.


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