Ririchiyo Shirakiin – Cosplay Tutorial – Scarf

You will need:
– black fabric (2m long)
– red felt (50x60cm)
– glue
– scissor
– sewing machine

First, part the felt in the middle so that you have two pieces and each piece is 50x30cm big. The scarf will be 30cm wide and the red felt will form the decoration at the ends of the scarf. You can use the pieces as a template for the scarf. I just drew two ractangles next to each other on the black fabric, each with the measure 2mx30cm. Leaving one centimeter at each side, I cut along the outline. This piece is being folded in the middle and then I sewed three of the four sides together.
ririchiyo schal The dashed line shows where you have to fold the fabric. The red line shows where to sew.

Next, I drew the outline of the decorations that I wanted to have on the scarf on the felt. One piece is enough for the front and back of one end of the scarf. Then I cut everything out.

Glue the upper part and one butterfly on one side of one of the ends of the scarf. The lower part is for the other side. You can decorate the scarf with flowers and dots as you like it.
P1010376 The clothepins are there to fix everything till the glue is dry.

P1010398 Front and back of the scarf. Be carefull during the glueing or else you gonna get stains!


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