Erza Scarlet: Sword-Tutorial

Hello minna-san!

This is the english version of my tutorial for Erza´s swords.
Please don´t judge my English (probably with a few mistakes) too hard! In future I will try to post every tutorial in German AND English.

You will need:
– battens 2x: 100 x 3 x 0.5cm
1x: 90 x 4 x 1 cm
– a saw
– cardboard
– ca. 3,40m black ribbon
– spraypaint silver
– acrylic paint (red, gold)
– sander
– chisel
– scissor and glue
– masking tape
– double-sided adhesive tape

At first I sawed the battens narrower, so that they are now 3cm wide. I also sawed a little bow at the top of the strip so that it looked more like a real blade.
Here you can see my drawn lines for sawing. Don´t worry about uneveness or splinters, they gonna be grinded away.

By sanding both sides of the battens they begin to look like sharp blades. For this I used a belt sander (grit: 600).

After that I did the handle: The 90cm-long batten is divided into 20cm-long pieces. For one handle you need two pieces. Now I put the blade on one of the pieces and drew the outlines of the last 15cm on it. Later this part will disappear in the handle. I follow these lines with a knife, the wood is being abraded with the chisel. If you now put the two pieces together, with the parts that are hollowed out innwards, you can put the blade inside it.
The edges were also sanded and thereby the handle was rounded.

The next part of the sword is the guard. You need one for every sword. I just cut it out of the cardboard I had at home. The guard for Erza´s swords also has two holes and needs a third one to later put the blade through it. The holes are being cut out with a scissor. Then I painted everything with the golden color.

The individual parts are now finished and can be plugged together: First I put the blade through the guard, then I glued it on one of the pieces of the handle and lastly glued the second handle-part on it.
Furthermore, the handle is being painted red and a little part of it also golden. I sprayed the blade silver. By wrapping cling film around the guard and the handle you protect these parts from being painted, too. Above of the guard there is a narrow golden piece. Just wrap masking tape around the blade for that and paint it golden.

Now the only thing remaining is the Katana winding. That´s the most difficult part to explain but I´m trying my best!
First attach two stripes of double-sided adhesive tape on the sides of the handle. Take 1,70m of the ribbon for each sword and twist it two times in the middle. Put it on the handle right under the guard and secure the ribbon on the adhesive tape.
Then turn the handle round. Take one side of the ribbon, twist it round two times and secure it on the adhesive tape on the other side.
Just do the same with the other side of the ribbon. That way the typical diamond shape arises.
Repeat this up to the little golden part. When you do the last diamond, twist the ribbon round like before and glue it on the other side. Cut of the surplus ribbon and secure a tiny piece of the double-sided adhesive tape on it. Twist the other part of the ribbon and attach it on the adhesive tape. Now turn the handle round and pull the surplus ribbon (2-3cm or else you have to cut it of) under the winding.


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